Over 20+ Features

Pick and choose from our suite of features to get a payment solution that best suits your individual needs.

Virtual Payment Terminal

Share and take card payment via a simple branded payment link (no hardware required).

Send Payment Requests

Your customers receive an SMS & email with a simple payment request, with automatic reminders built in.

eCommerce Shop

Use our eCommerce shop to sell any of your products and services with ease.

Lets Start With Our Top 3 Features

Pick and choose from all 20+ features below, that best suit your needs.

Virtual Payment Terminal

  • Your simple branded payment link
  • Take card payments on any device
  • Share your payment link with your customers
  • No hardware required
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Send Payment Requests

  • Send a request for money owed, or to get payment upfront
  • Remove awkward conversations and send a payment request
  • Our automatic reminders do the chasing for you
  • See how many times a request has been viewed
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eCommerce Shop

  • Sell any products or services with ease
  • Up in running within minutes
  • Add unlimited items to your shop
  • A simple one-step-checkout for your customers
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All 20+ Features

Pick and choose from our suite of features to get a payment solution that best suits your needs.

Share and take card payment via a simple branded payment link. No hardware required.

Send a payment request to a customer, and they will automatically receive a SMS and email with a simple payment link. If your customer doesn't pay on time (due date), our system will automatically send gentle reminders, which you can control and customise the message and sequence.

Sell any products or services with ease, with a simple one step checkout process. No Website required.

Create different payments links for different needs & use cases (i.e - different teams, campaigns, staff, etc)

Automatically take weekly, monthly or annual payments from customers or create customised payment plans to provide flexibility for customers or aged debtors

Resend payment requests or send a gentle reminder at any time with one click

Customise the ‘thank you’ confirmation emails your customers receive

Choose when payment reminders are automatically sent to your customers.

When your customers receive your payment request it will be labelled with your company name

Easily export all of your data from your account with one simple click or filter by a time period

We integrate into all major CRMs, and can facilitate bespoke integrations.

Create, customise, download and share your QR Codes for customers to scan and pay with ease. It's perfect for paying for products/services, tips, donations.... the list is endless!

Take payment on the move with a simple tap, directly from our App.

We support Card Payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, EFT, ACH, SEPA/IBAN, Open Banking and NFC ‘Tap to Pay’. Please note, some of these methods are processor dependent.

Add additional fields to your link to capture additional data and change your layout and style.

Receive a payment notification via email and / or SMS each time you recieve a payment from a customer

Redirect your customers after they pay you, to any URL of your choosing.

Upload your own invoice to payment requests

Create, send & review all payments from your dashboard. Customise your branding, business details etc

Conveniently take payment wherever you go. Keep a virtual terminal in your pocket with our Payment App. Tap, Take or Scan. Accept payments easily on the move directly from your phone.

Add payment links to a floating widget on your website to make paying easier for your customers

We integration into the leading accounting platforms such Quickbooks, and Xeroand can facilitate bespoke integrations.


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White-Label FinTech Infrastructure

We provide White-Label FinTech infrastructure so our partners can rollout their own cutting-edge Digital Payments FinTech Business, under their own brand, to their merchants, sitting on any payment processor.

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